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Created by Elen Virabyan on 2021-03-22 is a VoIP provider based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We provide business and residential VoIP services all across the globe.

We are looking for motivated candidates with different levels of experience and knowledge to join our dynamic team as developers, junior developers or trainees in Swiss office or on remote / freelance basis.

If you are interested in VoIP technology, motivated, hard-working, disciplined, have analytic thinking and like learning new things, we are looking for you to join to our multinational team.

For trainee position no preliminary competences are required. Experience is not obligatory. Our team is ready to teach you and pass all knowledge, contact us, if you are free and want to join our team.


Required skills:

A.      Installation of asterisk server and 2 Sip accounts, making test call from one SIP account to another:

B.      Processing of DTMF signals and the ability to sending e-mails:

C.      Activation of CDR’s:

D.      Installation of a free VoIP billing solution (of your choice, which will allow to process the below listed tasks)

E.       Creating of Customers, Provider, Rates

F.       Connecting a vendor and passing outgoing calls and rating them correctly:

G.      Testing maximum call duration, CLI transmission, limitation of simultaneous calls, blockage of accounts.

H.      Importing vendor rate lists.

I.         Mass importation of customers.

J.        Generation of large number of calls for stress tests

K.       Making one voip server as a vendor of second one and testing incoming calls.

L.       Verification and analyze of SIP packets.

M.    Examination of database structure, modification of it, listing the connection with interface options.

N.      Installation of two voip servers and passing calls between them.

O.      Choosing a freeware system that rates the calls, installation and testing.

P.       Ability to make customer interface and link to a billing system.

Q.     Development of new monitoring systems.

R.      Comparison and diagnostic of various voip billing solutions.

S.       Comparison of various telephony systems and stress tests.

T.       Ability to set fully functional clustered VoIP billing system.

U.      Modification of existing scripts to detect and block the fraudulent usage of account, based on cost to destination and IP.

How to apply?
Interested candidates can email the CV to with subject:
[2'l3n'1 developer] Firstname Lastname

All candidates will be provided tests to pass at distance.
For this reason, in the body of your email, do not forget to indicate the level of your competence you would like us to test (A-F, A-L, etc.).

We will prepare the corresponding infrastructure to grant you the access for validation of your competences.

All tests, which are processed needs to be documented and emailed with instructions:

-          Instructions on how to test, etc.

-          Screen shots of your tests

Salary will be determined depending on number of competences that will be validated as a result of tests, as follows:

Tests passed






Entry salary

From 0 CHF/month

From 500 CHF/month

From 1500 CHF/month

From 3000 CHF/month

From 5000 CHF/month


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